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Biofib Acoustix : acoustic correction


Biofib'Acoustix :
Acoustic correction

Biofib Acoustix is a natural solution dedicated to acoustic correction and sound insulation of walls and housing. With its accessories "vibration" and the rules of professional installation (separation of the dubbing, total air tightness), the Biofib Acoustix solutions can effectively solve the most critical acoustic problems (detached housing, frontage on busy road etc ...).

Nature Plus    European Technical Approval13    Test Report : no VOC emission


  • An acoustic gain of more than 25dB
  • CEDIA test 2011/5909-10
Reference partition :
Rw (C, Ctr) = 32 (0; 2)
Wall lined :
Rw (C, Ctr) = 57 (-3; -9)

Acoustic insulation on independent frame

  • 1 - Attach a metal frame to the floor and ceiling without contact with the wall to double. The uprights are spaced 600 mm.
  • 2 - Place a roll of Jute noise on low and high smooth.
  • 3 - ntegrate a sound-absorbing material such as Biofib'ouate between the uprights to limit any effect " drum " ( internal resonance ).
  • 4 - Screw the panel to the frame Biofib'acoustix monitoring veneer finish.
  • 5 - Ensure complete seal , and the separation of the liner by placing the Gasket (5 ) and applying the outskirts , a flexible acrylic sealant finish.

With a footprint of 80 mm , this complex of detached wall ensures maximum sound insulation airborne sound as well as noise impacts.

Biofb'Acoustix is a material composed of two materials of cellulosic origin: recycled paper and "anas" flax (from the pulping of flax straw). Its formulation is optimized to obtain a rigid panel with the best sound insulation performance and minimize the embodied energy required to produce it.




Biofib'Acoustix : Basic rules of implementation


Cropping and storage

Biofib'acoustix panels can be cut with a hand or circular saw ( close contours with jig saw or core drill ). The plates must be dry and protected from the weather and soil moisture (best on original pallets lying) stored. It is recommended to store them for a few days under the conditions (humidity and temperature) under which they are ultimately used.



The plates should be handled if possible in the vertical. They can be attached to a stud frame of galvanized steel or wood (moisture content 20% max.). Use galvanized nails with large head or self-drilling screws. When depositing of walls , ceilings and walls, the Biofib'Acoustix plates required at least every 600 mm to be fixed. Because the air-tightness is a core element of the optimal acoustic insulation, a sealant joint must be inserted wherever the plate comes into contact with the fixed structure of the building.


Fastening objects

The fixing of heavy objects, such as sinks, water heater, shelving, etc. must be provided when assembling the stand and compelling work by the Biofib'Acoustix plates through to a are performed in the stud frame integrated cross rafters.

Technical Specifications

Composition Recycled paper / shives
Density fitting 310 +/- 20 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity (product only) λ 0,053
Resistance to compression 227 kPa (23,15 T/m²)
Reaction to fire F / Not tested
Thickness 16 mm
Weight (panel) 5 kg/m²

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Files to download

- European Technicals Reports - N° ETA 09/0020
- Nature Plus N° 0102-0505-022-1

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