Efficient & sustainable<br />bio-based insulation

Efficient & sustainable
bio-based insulation

Biofib'insulation : Efficient and sustainable bio-based insulation

Efficient and sustainable bio-based insulation

Efficient and sustainable bio-based insulation

Improving the insulation efficiency of buildings, whether new or refurbished, is a major issue in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Today, insulating your home should be an ecological reflex action, beyond energy-saving concerns and matters of comfort. Indeed, the protection of our planet revolves around two major issues: the fight against climate change and the reduction of our "fossil" resource consumption (oil, gas, minerals, etc.).

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Reducing heating consumption by improving insulation is therefore a first ecological action. Choosing a "bio-sourced" insulation, which is efficient and natural, made from hemp fibres, provides an additional, specific response to ecological concerns. This is the gamble we are making with the Biofib’range of "Eco-logical" insulation systems! By controlling the entire production chain (growing hemp, defibering and burling, packaging and delivery to the site), Cavac Biomatériaux claims to be unique in combining technical efficiency with setting an ecological example:

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Efficient & sustainable bio-based insulation



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