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Biofib Acoustix : acoustic correction
Biofib Acoustix is a natural solution dedicated to acoustic correction and sound insulation of walls and housing.

Keys aspect of good thermal insulation
Insulation provides 90% of the insulation of the wall. It helps reduce heat loss and avoids cold walls, which are a source of discomfort and condensation.

Key aspects of good acoustic insulation
In order to protect against noise from outside the dwelling, it is essential to provide good insulation against airborne sound.

Hygrometry and quality of your indoor environment
Management of environmental hygrometry is very important in homes.

100% traditional wadding
Jetfib’ouate is a thermal and acoustic insulation made of cellulose wadding, and is particularly recommended for insulating inaccessible, cold attic spaces.

Biofibat' : calibrated hemp chaff
Biofibat' is particularly suitable for the construction of timber-framed houses, and significantly improves thermal performance.

Biofib'hemp : 100% hemp natural insulation
Biofib’hemp is a natural, ecological insulation made by overlaying hemp fibres, mainly designed for thermal insulation of residential buildings (walls, roof structures and floors), whether newly built or under renovation.

Biofib’ouate : mix hemp and cellulose
Insulation composed of natural hemp and recycled cellulose fibres, all specially suited to thermal and acoustic insulation of residential and commercial buildings.

Biofib'insulation : Efficient and sustainable bio-based insulation
Choosing a "bio-sourced" insulation, which is efficient and natural, made from hemp fibres, provides an additional, specific response to ecological concerns.

Biofib'pellets : floor levelling
Insulation for dry screeds and floors

"Spring" effect: a Cavac Biomatériaux exclusive
The quality of installation is also a key factor for actually obtaining the same efficiency "on site" (watch out for thermal bridges!).

An exclusive and complete "Eco-logical" system
In terms of natural insulation, Cavac Biomatériaux clearly stands out from the competition, relying on a true complete production system "from the field to the construction site".

Installation guide of exterior walls with inner lining
How to install insulation on the outside wall (with inner lining).

Hemp : a noble product
Hemp is a material renowned for its ecological properties and is one of the types of insulation with the lowest CO2 footprint.

Guide insulation installation in a timber-framed house
How to install insulation during the construction of a timber-framed house

Installation guide : Insulation between joists of roof, roof spaces and floors
Insulation between joists

insulation between distributive interior partitions
The light building walls are made up mainly of a metal framework, covered with a facing (wood, gypsum, Fermacell, etc.) on either side.

Insulation between interior walls separative
The light building walls are made up mainly of a metal framework, covered with a facing (wood, gypsum, Fermacell, etc.) on either side.

Injecting wadding
Insulate walls, partitions or intermediate floor

Cold attic spaces - Blowing between trusses
Blowing is used to insulate cold or inaccessible attic spaces (e.g.: prefabricated roof structure made of industrial trusses).

Room-in-roof - Insulation of the slopes between rafters
The roof spaces consists of a conventional framework made up of angled rafters and horizontal purlins.

Cold attic spaces - Insulation unrolled on the floor
The roof space, which consists of a conventional framework, is ventilated, unfinished and unheated.

Choose a natural insulator from an eco-industry
Given its many advantages (performance, naturalness, and complete ecological chain), range Biofib insulation is a competitive, innovative, efficient and sustainable insulation solution.

Certifications Biofib'Insulation
Biofib'insulation materials have been awarded the highest rating (A plus) for air quality : no emission of VOC ( volatile organic compounds).

Legal notices
Legal notices and information relating to the use of data

Press review
Press review - Biofib'insulation

Range of natural insulation systems
Choosing Biofib'Insulation, which is efficient and natural, made from hemp fibres, provides an additional, specific response to ecological concerns.

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Detailed and interactive installation guides - Biofib'Insulation
Ease of implementation and ability to adapt to insulation configurations , sometimes binding, are guarantees for the efficiency of the insulation, once placed in the wall is preserved long term.

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Key aspects of good insulation
The technical characteristics defined using conventional methods for each insulation system (lambda, acoustic efficiency, etc) are important and useful when choosing your insulation.

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