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Cold attic spaces - Blowing between trusses

Cold attic spaces - Blowing between trusses

Installation guide Biofib'Insulation :
Cold attic spaces - Blowing between trusses

Blowing is used to insulate cold or inaccessible attic spaces (e.g.: prefabricated roof structure made of industrial trusses). Insulation application involves blowing Jetfib’ cellulose wadding on the floor or suspended ceiling between the tie-beams. Jetfib’ouate is packaged in 10 kg bags (40 bags per pallet): 2 pallets are required to insulate with 240 mm thickness over 100 m2 (corresponding to R

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Detailed steps

Basic rules of implementation


Store rolls and batts in their original packaging, protected from rain and direct sunlight.


Cut the insulation to the required width between supports, with an excess of 2 cm, and place the insulation under gentle compression ("spring effect") to ensure perfect contact with the uprights.


To ensure continuous insulation, take special care when sealing the joints between walls (wall / floor / slope) and checking that the strips are in perfect contact.


Ensure the maximum seal of the insulation by installing an offset, continuous vapour barrier on the inside (hot) and a roof-boarding screen that is pervious to water vapour on the outside (cold).


Install a finishing facing with maximal fire rating (mandatory).

Basic rules of implementation

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