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An exclusive and complete "Eco-logical" system

Cavac Biomatériaux exclusive: a complete "Eco-logical" system

In terms of natural insulation, Cavac Biomatériaux clearly stands out from the competition, relying on a true complete production system "from the field to the construction site".

In fact, as part of the Cavac farming cooperative group, it manages all the hemp cultivation stages performed by the farmers in its territory so as to ensure industrial-quality production of Biofib’ insulation systems (defibering of straw and burling, packaging and delivery to construction sites).

The Biofib’ range of insulation systems claims to have exemplary behaviour in ecological terms not only due to the efficiency of its thermal insulation material, which naturally results in energy savings, but also due to the raw materials it uses, which are renewable and plant-based ("carbon sinks") and its "short circuit" production mode (less transportation), producing a clearly positive carbon balance.

A complete chain

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A complete chain

1 - The hemp straw fix CO2 (via photosynthesis ) during growth, thus contributing to a very low carbon footprint.
2 - Plant fibers used are from hemp produced in Vendée near the industrial site ( within 100 Kms) where low CO ² emissions for transport to the factory.
3 - 2 steps "pulping" and "topping" are performed on a single site : a first in Europe.
4 - After pulping, the fibers are processed into insulating panels but no waste because all coproducts ( chènevotte, dust) are valued in other markets ( coated building, bedding, ...).
5 - The industrial process of topping is fully automated, with a systematic quality of finished products (weight, thickness and density) which guarantees quality and performance (technical CSTB, ACERMI certificate No. 11/130/696 ) control for insulating Biofib.
6 - Delivery is via an optimized logistics system also reduces transport costs and associated pollution.
7 - Given its thermal performance, implementation insulation Biofib' contributes to an excellent home insulation, source energy savings.

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