Efficient & sustainable<br />bio-based insulation

Efficient & sustainable
bio-based insulation

Biofibat' : calibrated hemp chaff


Biofibat' :
Calibrated hemp chaff

Biofibat' is an aggregate made up exclusively of calibrated and cleaned hemp chaff (cellulose fibres), resulting from the defibration of hemp straw, whose transformation process does not require any water or solvent. Biofibat' bears the French CenC quality label [Construire en Chanvre / Build in HEMP]

Biofibat' Label Building with hemp   


  • Calibrated and cleaned hemp chaff
  • 100% hemp material of French origin
  • Humidity control for a healthier home environment
  • Healthy and ecological material


Natural qualities of hemp plasters concretes

The water vapour permeability of hemp mortars, plasters and concretes is particularly suited to timberframe house construction. Their high thermal inertia ensures both summer and winter comfort and significantly improves thermal performance. As a result of the materials' durability, rodent damage is prevented and there is no risk of compaction. These materials are suitable for both new building and renovation projects.


Biofibat' is exclusively intended for wet process building applications for the preparation of hemp mortars and concretes, and “lime/hemp” plasters. The proportions - Biofibat' hemp chaff / binder (lime) / water - vary depending on the type of binder and depending on the applications: wall, floor or plasters. They are specified by the manufacturer of the binder and should always be observed.

Biofibat is compatible with most limes on the market, in a laboratory accredited in accordance with professional rules as defined by CenC.

Quality requirements

Biofibat' is subjected to quality control throughout the manufacturing line. For ordering a complete truck delivery Biofibat 'will be accompanied by a certificate of analysis detailed.

Important : store in a place sheltered from the weather (wind, moisture, ...). Do not expose to sunlight.


Walls :

  • Timberframe, half-timbering : filling and insulation of (ex framework embedded in the masonry or visible structure). Renovating of half-timbered houses
  • Insulating interior lining: insulating lining on interior walls and partitions on any substrate types

Roof :

  • Thermal insulation with high inertia that does not require a mechanical function

Plasters :

  • Interior and exterior insulating plasters on all types of clean and sound substrates

Technical Specifications

Composition 100% Hemp
Density (mass) ~110 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity (product only) λ 0,050
Representative size Ø 6,30 mm : 2,5 % Ø 3,15 mm : 32 % Ø 2 mm : 39 % Ø 1 mm : 24 % Ø 0,50 mm : 2 %
Rate fibers and dust Dust / Fibers : 2 %
Humidity <15 %

Hemp is a natural product whose characteristics may vary slightly depending on various factors, especially in case of poor storage conditions (humidity...)

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» Technical specifications » Biofibat 'was awarded the new label "Building with Hemp" (CenC).

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