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Biofib'pellets : floor levelling


Biofib'Pellets :
Floor levelling

Biofib’ pellets are made from fine particles of plant matter obtained by defibering hemp and flax, compacted without any binder. The natural Biofib’pellets are specially recommended for renovation work and for levelling floors that are irregular or in poor condition. Its quick and easy installation (manual spreading) does not require water and does not raise any dust.



  • Easy floor levelling (no joints, no cuts, few offcuts)
  • Quick and easy installation (no drying time)
  • Possibility of including electricity and piping ducts
  • Clean working area (dry spreading)


100 % plant-based insulation

Biofib’ screed insulating granules do not harm the environment and are entirely recyclable (as compost, for example). They are made up exclusively of plant matter (hemp and flax fines), agglomerated by compression, with no binders or chemical preservatives.

Biofib'Pellets  Biofib'Pellets  Biofib'Pellets 


Support preparation

To avoid the risk of rising damp, extend a polyethylene film (min. thickness 200 μm) across the entire floor surface, making sure the strips overlap by at least 20 cm. Any holes and cracks in the support must be filled in to avoid losing granules. A plastic film can also be placed to help guarantee a good seal. Not suitable for wet rooms.

Installing Biofib’ screed

After removing the doors, always start to install the dry screed at the side opposite the entrance to the room.

  • Empty the bags by hand (±7 kg/m2/cm of thickness) and then distribute crudely using a rake.
  • Three rules are used when installing Biofib’ screed: 2 guide rules and 1 draught rule.
  • The guide rules are arranged in parallel on two beds of granules. The flanges of these rules are on the same level as the finished level of the dry screed. Their centre distance is set according to the length of the draught rule.
  • Biofib’ screed is spread out but not packed. After having drawn around 50 cm, the edges are straightened using a trowel, removing the excess granules or completing any shortages.
  • The screed must have a thickness of more than 2 cm and less than 15 cm on average (up to 20 cm locally). For thicknesses in excess of 10 cm, it is advisable to install two stacked layers.


  • Once the dry slab has been made, position the load-distributing batts (OSB, chipboard) leaving a separation of 1 cm from the peripheral walls.
  • You can then install the floor covering of your choice.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 6 mm
Length 10 - 25 mm
Surface settlement situations 1 - 2 %
Density fitting 700 +/-50 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity (product only) λ 0,060
Coefficient of resistance to diffusion of water vapor 1 - 2 µ

No emission of CO2 or toxic fumes, hygrometric absorption and regulation capacity, odourless, electrostatically and electrically neutral, no harmful fibrous dust.

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